images (1)When you hire a skip, all you would be required to do is to fill the skip to capacity then leave it all for the skip company to collect. The will take the skip and dispose off all the rubble for you. Skip companies have all the required equipment that will ensure that all the waste has been disposed off in an effective way that does not cause any harm on the environment. Before you hire a skip company, make sure that it has been licensed. Their licenses are issued by the Environmental Agency giving them the power to collect and get rid of waste on a given geographical location. Hiring a skip is the most effective way of getting rid of any waste that has accumulated be it at the residential area or at work as suggested by

You can fill up your skip with any type of waste that you have and want to get rid of. However, there are some types of waste which are considered to be harmful thus are not allowed to be included in the waste that you put in the skip. Such include aerosols, tires, gas canisters, televisions; computer monitors freezers, fridges among other harmful wastes.

It is also very important to not that the skip should not be overloaded at any point.  This is because overfilling makes it to be hazardous on the road during transportation as it would endanger the lives of fellow road users. Skips are usually available indifferent sizes, from the smallest skips to the maxi ones that can take a lot of waste at a single go. It is thus up to the client to make sure that they have hired the correct size of skip as overloading is not allowed. The skip hire company has all the right to remove waste from an overloaded skip until they get to the required capacity.